As part of the ISM Education we work with a variety of Training providers whose materials, delivery methods and standards are assessed by our Education team to ensure their quality against industry standards.

Learners who undertake an ISM Education Endorsed course have full confidence that the Endorsed Training Partner has undergone a thorough process to ensure the highest quality of provision is in place and meets the National Occupational Standards. Endorsed training courses can range from half day to a few weeks.

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Presentation Skills Training

Practical, interactive presentation skills training uses cameras and personal feedback to help you develop the essential ability to capture and hold your audience’s attention. This training will benefit everyone who presents formally or informally to colleagues or clients, and wants to become more effective at speaking in public.

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Selling & Influencing

2 day leading-edge sales & influencing programme for 8-12 delegates. Reveals how to effectively engage decision-makers and stakeholders – and why they are different. Introduces a highly effective influencing model designed to win more pitches. Reveals tactics & process for securing better results,

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Sales Development

The Acet People Sales Development Routeway offers a series of practical and results orientated learning programmes which focus on: Business growth, developing strong customer relationships, building sales competence and driving successful outcomes.

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Managing Multi-Level Negotiations in The Construction Industry

This highly interactive session will be particularly helpful if you regularly negotiate with several stakeholders both ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’. You’ll get an appreciation of the positive impact behaviours has on the dynamic of a negotiation when done well and also what to avoid saying or doing so that it doesn’t cost you money or lost business.

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Sales Courses & Workshops