Level 5 Qualifications

Get a UK Government Recognised Qualification from the ISM Education. Our Qualifications are written by experts and are designed to equip you with knowledge and understanding of theories for a number of roles. They are all recognised by Ofqual, the UK examinations regulator.

​​You can start at Level 5 if you meet any of these criteria:

  • You are a practicing manager.
  • ​Your role requires you to manage other people and/or resources
  • You want to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in a subject.
  • You want a qualification at a level equivalent to a Higher National Diploma or foundation degree
  • You want to be assessed on your ability to identify and use relevant understanding, methods and skills to address broadly-defined complex problems, taking responsibility for planning and developing courses of action and exercising autonomy and judgement within broad parameters.
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"The course has given me a better understanding of how the different functions of sales and marketing operate and how I can use these functions to communicate better with my customers and help me realise the full potential of their accounts to our mutual benefit."


"ISM has helped me to change my thought Process & Sales approach and now I do sell my product instead address customer's business pain points with help of my products."


"Certain elements of the ISM qualification have enabled me to hone my skills to better effect when face to face with my customers. I would say that the qualification has helped me secure a different position within my company."


"Gave me a greater understanding of the sales process, and how I can translate that to my day to day job. It has allowed me to plan and map out my quarter."


"This has been very valuable training to me as it has helped me further my understanding of the sales process and also helped me in my understanding of all aspects of sales-well worth investing in this course. The tutor support was very good as well."

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