Digital Marketing

As part of the ISM Education we work with a variety of Training providers whose materials, delivery methods and standards are assessed by our Education team to ensure their quality against industry standards.

Learners who undertake an ISM Education Endorsed course have full confidence that the Endorsed Training Partner has undergone a thorough process to ensure the highest quality of provision is in place and meets the National Occupational Standards. Endorsed training courses can range from half day to a few weeks.

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Data Laws & Ethics

Use of social media, smart gadgets, mobile phones, watching television, and browsing through websites is creating data at record breaking speed. This is the big data which is and can be used to create highly effective marketing campaigns. The question here is how you can use it without infringement of privacy and data protection laws. This course will tell you about the laws and ethics of data protection, collection and it’s usage.

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Social Media & Public relations

The digital conversations on the social media are driven by human voice without any control or centralised authority. The world is becoming hyper transparent as people are commenting on each product and service provided by the organisations. Now all this noise on the web can be harnessed to develop highly effective marketing campaigns. In this course you will learn how to use the social data to find out the influencers and the words that make the impact.

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Omni Channel Marketing

Marketing through all the possible channels is “The Omni Channel” marketing. This is either easy or cheap. You cannot make an effective marketing plan without an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all the channels and their impact on the market segment you want to promote your product. This course deals with various channels that you should consider, the ROI and the steps to rationalise and distribute your funds across different channels.

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Digital Marketing Workshops