Become an ISM Endorsed Training Centre Enhance the Validity of your Sales Training

Our mission is to uphold standards of professional selling which includes endorsing the highest standards of Sales training provision.

As the leading expert in Sales Training, the Institute works with a network of ‘ISM Endorsed Training Centres’ whose Sales Training Programmes have been subjected to a rigorous quality assurance process by our education team.

Apply For Endorsed Centre Status

Benefits include:

  • Ability to use ISM ‘Endorsed Training Partner’ branding across your internal materials, social media and website.
  • Salesxcellence listing on​ ISM Endorsed Centre web page (1st page on google for search terms ‘endorsed sales training’ and ‘sales qualifications’)
  • Ability to share Salesxcellence content/ articles with ISM members via our resource area and new LMS system
  • Involvement in new ISM Regional Groups as a guest speaker
  • Opportunity to run an ISM Webinar

The ISM also works directly with Corporate partners who gain ISM Endorsement for their internal Sales Training Programmes as part of their wider Learning and Development strategies.

To learn more and apply to become an ISM Endorsed Training Partner complete your details below